War Wizards


The red- and blue-robed War Wizards are one of the most famous magical guilds of all Faerûn. Similar to the Purple Dragon Knights, each mage is individually sworn to faithfulness and loyalty to none but the crown directly. They are skilled in battle, espionage, and diplomacy. Their leader is the Royal Wizard of Cormyr, distinguished by his or her purple robes and historically the king’s greatest adviser.

The War Wizards are relatively few in number, but if a fortress or army has even five, it is considered a strong force. They are also known to wander the land looking for promising children to take on as apprentices. Those they select are taken to the War Wizard Academy in the capitol, Suzail, and the child’s family is compensated handsomely by the crown. There are stories of the War Wizards taking on older members, as well, but only after the candidates prove their potential for loyalty as much as their magical skill.

And everyone knows that the War Wizards are as likely to be found in peacetime snooping and listening for rebellion, or riding on diplomatic business for the king, as they are to be throwing fire and thunder in wartime.

The current Royal Wizard is Caladnei, who was chosen to head the order by the previous Royal Wizard, Vangerdahast, himself. Nonetheless, she remains quite the divisive guild leader. She is only half-Cormyrian, and rose to fame first as a sell-sword. Many, mage, knight, noble, and commoner, question her loyalty on both these grounds. Further, there are rumors the War Wizards claim her magic is different somehow from theirs. Few common people can make much of this, but regardless, it isn’t now hard to hear songs or whispered stories that Caladnei is a half-fairy, -dragon, or even -demon.

Vangerdahast, Caladnei’s predecessor, ranks among the most powerful Royal Wizards in Cormyr’s history, and was an especially good friend to King Azoun IV. It was he who secretly suspected the beginning of the Usurper’s War and foiled the plot to capture King Azoun. But of late, Vangerdahast is most known for his dramatic retirement.

Upon naming Caladnei his successor, the former Royal Wizard enacted a plan to create a new guardian spirit for the crown and realm, but at a tremendous cost to himself: Vangerdahast transformed himself permanently into a dragon and sealed himself away until the kingdom should be in great enough peril that he need be called again. Some even say before he disappeared, Vangerdahast’s new scales could be seen to be violet, and so the kingdom has a Purple Dragon once again.

War Wizards

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