Eveningstar’s beauty is legendary throughout Cormyr, ancient and luminous, at night like a silver mirror to the moon and stars of heaven. Eveningstar lies along the banks of the Starwater River, from which the surrounding lands of the Starwater Barony take their name. The barony reaches from the Eastern Stormhorns in the north to the vast King’s Forest in the south. House Winters rules all this, but such has not been the case for long; and despite its wild environs, Eveningstar sits a scant thirty miles west of one of the greatest cities of the kingdom, Arabel.

Eveningstar has a history reaching as far back as the Crown Wars themselves, when the prophet Almedha Silvereyes led refugees to a new home beside the Starwater. The small haven grew to a thriving city much later, after the rise of the Elven Court in Cormanthor, far to the east. Eveningstar was then the greatest elven hold in the region, known as the Forest Country. In the coming ages, flights of dragons began to lair throughout the land, and Eveningstar put forth its power to contend with them: the most famed of these encounters is that between Ilifar Nelnueve, Lord of Scepters, and the legendary Purple Dragon, after which the elves emerged the incontrovertible masters of their realm. Ilifar himself would later make the pact with the newly-settled humans of the south which created the very kingdom of Cormyr.

Yet this first city, sometimes called Old Eveningstar, was doomed at last to mysterious ruin over a millennia ago. It is now known most widely as the infamous Haunted Halls. The remaining elves fled to where the city now stands and returned to living in only a small village. Indeed, it was this dire situation which led Ilifar Nelnueve to seek out the newcome humans and offer allegiance with their king, Faerlthann Obarskyr. Ever since, the new Eveningstar has grown slowly but surely into the jewel it is today.

Most lately, Eveningstar was no more able than the rest of the kingdom to escape the Usurper’s War. In the end, Lord Agravain of House Silvermane, Baron of Eveningstar, was driven into exile for his support of the rebellion against King Azoun. In his place now rules a heroine of the war, Baroness Tessaril Winters, who rebuilt the castle and named it Winterhall. Meanwhile, Lord Agravain has fled into the hinterlands with his household. They now live as bandits calling themselves the Betrayed, and have gathered many outlaws under their banner.

Eveningstar rests upon the side of a hill, near the top of which is the Cathedral of Dusk and Dawn. Just down the hill from the temple is Winterhall Castle. Lady Tessaril keeps in her court half a dozen Purple Dragon Knights and two War Wizards besides. Beneath both the castle and cathedral, where the paths to each meet, is Hill Court. Here the wealthy, noble, and ancient of Eveningstar reside. From there, a street runs off the hill to the banks of the Starwater and the heart of the town. There are three walled burroughs, side by side, East Court, Way Court, and West Court. The High Road runs through a gate in East Court and comes out through West Court, over a bridge across the Starwater and on to the edge of the kingdom at the fortress of High Horn. A second gate in East Court opens on another bridge, across which from the town begins the Starwater Road. This runs off south through the King’s Forest. Scattered farms and homes and docks dot this far side of the river, as well.

Most trade and travel to Eveningstar has business only in East Court, making it the wealthiest after Hill Court. The Golden Unicorn and Welcoming Hand inns, along with Blue Moon Magic, Running Fire smithy, and Shimmergems’ jewels are all in East Court. West Court is home to the still-renowned Candlelight Inn, where many adventurers gather; as well as the less-reputable Lonesome Tankard, and also the Coal Biter Smithy. Just north of the town walls, between the hill and the banks of the Starwater, is a sacred grove at the center of which is a stone circle around a great beech tree dedicated to Ehlonna.

All along the high streets and small lanes, the banks of the Starwater, and the ways up and down the hill; around the castle and the cathedral and atop the walls, Eveningstar is lit with silver lamps which give out a soft pale light. To see these shining in the night is considered by singers, wanderers, and all sorts of poets and vagabonds to be one of the great beauties of Cormyr.


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