Like a shining beacon of emerald, amethyst, and diamond, of gold and of silver, Cormyr is famed across Faerûn. It is a land of just kings, mostly; scheming nobles, mostly; loyal wizards, mostly; and brave knights, mostly. The monarch of the realm is bound mystically to the land, and the kingdom is unified under the banner of the Purple Dragon. Beautiful cities dot vast wilds, where danger and peril are never far away. Cormyr is a land of songs, a land of legend, and a land of adventurers!

Cormyr first entered history when the elven prophet Almedha Silvereyes led refugees to the north of the land after the Crown Wars. They lived peacefully in little more than a small village for millennia. But after the rise of the Elven Court in Cormanthor and the coming of its power into the west, this village grew into the city of Eveningstar. In those days, the land was known as the Forest Country. But waves of dragons flew in, raiding and destroying, and the peace of the elves was troubled. A pact was eventually made and the dragons slumbered, but after thousands of years more, they awoke and broke their treaty. The greatest of the dragons was Thauglorimorgorus, the infamous Purple Dragon. War was renewed, until Ilifar Nelnueve, Lord of Scepters, dueled the dragon and won, but without killing Thauglor. Then the elves became absolute masters of the Forest Country.

Their triumph was not to last, however, as shortly thereafter Eveningstar fell into ruin, a tragedy shrouded in mystery. In this darkest hour of his people, Ilifar Nelnueve and his counselors rode south to meet a newcome tribe of humans who had settled along the north shore of the Dragonmere. They made a mystic pact with the king of the tribe, Faerlthann Obarskyr, and since then House Obarskyr has been the royal family and always held the crown and throne and been one with the land, now to be known as the Forest Kingdom.

In the following centuries, the kingdom was blessed with the founding of the legendary Purple Dragon Knights as well as the War Wizards. This was fortunate, for the realm was also cursed with crises and strife, especially rebellion after rebellion in the north from the city of Arabel.

The full history of Cormyr is far too long to tell here, but for the last thirty years the kingdom has been led by King Azoun IV Obarskyr. His reign began in turmoil with the insurrection of Gondegal in the Usurper’s War; and has ever since been marred by scheming and small-scale rebellions. Nevertheless, King Azoun is widely loved as a wise and just monarch, and there is a feeling that it is a good time, a historic time, to be alive in Cormyr now.


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