Hearken, adventurers!


Cormyr, The Forest Kingdom, The Land of the Purple Dragon: Old yet strong, home to heroes, noble cities lying amidst vast wilderness mystically bound to the King, and protected by the famed Purple Dragon Knights and the War Wizards. Cormyr, whose great houses vie, plot, and battle for power, whose mountains and woods veil sinister things foul and mighty. Cormyr, where adventurers are never short of work!

Thus have you found yourself in Eveningstar for your varied reasons, and finally gotten your first job offer, a notice posted on the door of the Candlelight Inn:

Greetings, all adventurers! I, the wizard Ancalmo, call for your aid. I have been robbed of a mystical tome by my own treacherous apprentice! I must get the book back before he absconds with it for good. Pay is in gold and magic. Those willing and able to take on this task should come to Blue Moon Magic at sunset tonight.

And the sun is setting….

Forgotten Realms: Prophecies

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